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Recommended Resources For Business Growth

Knowing The Right Tools Can Make All The Difference For Growing Your Business

The list of resources below are things I personally use and recommend for my clients, family and friends.

I am confident in these brands, and I've been using them successfully either myself or with my clientele. Based on the research that I've done and the experience I've had with these companies, I recommend these products because they genuinely help our clients achieve their business goals.

Some of the links below are affiliate links. We're proud affiliates for some of these resources, meaning if you click a link and make a purchase, we earn a commission — at no extra cost to you. We would never recommend products that have not earned our absolute confidence.

We recommend that you do not spend money on products unless you believe they will help you achieve your goals.

Essential Tech Tools Of The Trade


Advance All In One CRM Platform

The Best All In One CRM Platform (IMHO).

We love and use Kartra as our platform of choice. All the tech within Kartra is woven together so each system seamlessly “talks to” each other, without having to configure any integration whatsoever.

With GoHighLevel, you can streamline everything from client onboarding and job management to invoicing and payments - all powered by robust automation workflows. Their built-in CRM, scheduling, and marketing tools maximize your efficiency.

We leverage GoHighLevel's agency operating system to deliver seamless customer experiences while freeing up our team's bandwidth for higher leverage tasks.


Simple All In One CRM Platform

Kartra is a very simple way to create landing pages, sales funnels, and membership sites. We prefer High Level for it’s all in one capability, however Kartra is fantastic at what it does best: keeping it simple and easy to use.

We appreciate Kartra's comprehensive functionality that eliminates juggling multiple disconnected apps. Video hosting, helpdesk, calendars, checkouts - it's all here. Plus robust analytics provide crystal-clear visibility into your marketing performance.

Kartra's what we use to seamlessly automate lead capture, nurture sequences, launches, and customer onboarding for maximum efficiency.

Where To Get And Purchase Domain Names


GoDaddy is a leading domain registrar. They make it simple to get your online presence started. Their domain manager and website builder tools allow you to easily set up and manage your online real estate. It's what we use.


Cloudflare is a leading web performance and security solution that protects and accelerates any website or app. We love Cloudflare because they ensure lightning-fast, always-online experiences.for custom domain and domain redirects.


Bluehost has been our go-to recommended web hosting service for over 15 years. Their user-friendly platform and 1-click WordPress installer make it incredibly easy for beginners to get a website up and running quickly.


Known for their rock-bottom prices and outstanding customer support, Namecheap provides an intuitive platform to search for and lock down the ideal domain name for your website or business.

Legal Terms & Compliance Software


Iubenda takes the headache out of ensuring your website meets the latest privacy regulations and cookie laws.

Their intelligent product suite automatically generates a customized privacy policy, terms and conditions, cookie banner, and other required legal agreements - all kept up-to-date as legislation evolves.


TermsFeed allows you to easily create, update and display professional legal policies and agreements for your website or app with just a few clicks.

Their advanced wizard walks you through customizing terms of use, privacy policies, return policies and more - formatted to meet latest regulations.


Accessibe is an industry-leading web accessibility solution that helps make your digital content accessible to people with disabilities.

Their sophisticated AI automatically modifies your site structure, functionality, and design to ensure compliance with ADA, WCAG, and other accessibility standards.

Password Management Tools


1Password is a powerful, user-friendly password manager that securely stores all your logins and generates rock-solid passwords so you don't have to remember them. Their watchtower feature proactively alerts you about potential security breaches.

We use 1Password to centrally organize passwords, credit cards, secure notes and other sensitive data - keeping everything protected yet easily accessible across all our devices with just one master password. Their Travel Mode safeguards data when crossing borders.


LastPass takes the hassle and insecurity out of managing all your passwords and private information. Their intuitive vault seamlessly syncs unlimited passwords, addresses, payments and notes across devices.

With LastPass, our entire team has secure access to shared logins without exposing sensitive data. We leverage their multi-factor authentication and secure password generator to bolster account protection. Plus it integrates with over 1,000 popular apps.

Merchant Accounts & Payment Processors


Stripe offers a modern payments infrastructure that handles everything from checkout flows to subscription billing and mobile payments. Their clean integration removes friction from the purchase experience.

We leverage Stripe's robust suite of APIs, plugins and toolkits to seamlessly build secure payment functionality into our websites and applications. Stripe provides unparalleled developer resources and analytics that give us full control.


PayPal is one of the world's most recognized and trusted online payment systems. Their globally accessible platform allows customers to pay however they prefer - credit, debit, PO, financing and more.

With PayPal, we're able to accept payments from virtually anywhere while minimizing cart abandonment. Their advanced fraud protection gives our customers peace of mind. And their one-touch mobile payments boost conversions.


Square's iconic payment hardware and point-of-sale app make it incredibly easy for us to accept credit and mobile payments in person at events, markets, stores and more. Just plug in their free reader to any smartphone or tablet.

But Square is more than just payments hardware. Their integrated suite of products like Invoices, Virtual Terminal, Payroll and Banking propels our entire business operations. Plus, it all syncs seamlessly to one genius back-office.


Authorize.Net provides an advanced payment gateway that secures online transactions and protects sensitive customer data. Their highly customizable checkout tools integrate seamlessly into our website.

We rely on Authorize.Net's comprehensive suite of fraud detection, recurring billing and virtual terminal capabilities to facilitate secure payments from anywhere. Their robust reporting gives us valuable insights to optimize sales.


Braintree by PayPal offers an all-in-one payments platform with every service and tool our business needs to get paid. From gateways and merchant accounts to fraud protection and data transparency.

Their full-stack payment solution equipped with a global reach allows us to securely process any payment method across multiple channels, currencies and geographies. Braintree's intuitive control panel streamlines management.

Get started with Braintree


EasyPayDirect specializes in payment processing solutions tailored for high risk business models that struggle to get approved through traditional merchant account providers.

Their underwriting expertise across high risk verticals like nutraceuticals, cannabis, adult entertainment and gambling allows us to accept payments without disruption. EasyPay's advanced fraud scrubbing minimizes risk exposure.

Learn about EasyPayDirect's high risk specialties

Video Production Tools


Ecamm Live is a powerful live streaming studio that allows you to produce professional-quality broadcasts directly from your Mac. We use it to stream engaging video content with beautifully designed overlays, seamless scene switching, and robust encoding for a pristine experience.

Ecamm's intuitive multi-view interface, media bins, and integration with popular tools like Skype and Zoom make it an essential part of our live video workflow. This is our FAV software.


The Elgato Stream Deck is a game-changer for streamers and content creators. This compact console puts control of your most used actions, tools and media at your fingertips with customizable LCD keys.

From effortlessly switching scenes and launching apps to adjusting audio and engaging with audiences, the Stream Deck empowers us to produce dynamic live content with unparalleled efficiency. It seamlessly integrates with apps like OBS, Ecamm, Twitch, YouTube and more.


Elgato's line of production gear elevates our content quality to pro levels. Their premium webcams, lights, green screens and capture cards enable us to create broadcast-worthy videos and streams.

The Camlink4K capture device delivers ultra high-resolution footage and turns your high end DSLR camera into a webcam. While the Key Lights provide flattering LED illumination that makes our on-camera talent look their best. Elgato's tools are an integral part of our creator suite.


Restream empowers us to broadcast live video simultaneously across 30+ social platforms and destinations from one simple interface. Their robust cloud-based solution provides unparalleled reliability and scalability.

From customizable multi-view layouts to browser-based streaming and chat overlay tools, Restream is packed with functionality to deliver incredible live experiences. Their analytics suite offers valuable audience insights as well.

REPURPOSE.IO is a powerhouse content distribution and repurposing platform designed specifically for video creators.

It allows us to automate reshaping one piece of content into countless micro-videos optimized for each social channel.

With easy scheduling and auto-publishing across platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and more.

Repurpose exponentially amplifies our visibility while saving countless hours of manual effort.


TubeBuddy is a comprehensive browser extension and mobile app that helps YouTube creators like us maximize our reach and earn more revenue from our channels. Their toolkit optimizes videos for discovery with keyword research and SEO analytics.

We use TubeBuddy's scheduled publishing and bulk processing tools to plan and execute our entire YouTube content strategy efficiently. Their browser integration streamlines editing, commenting, and reviewing performance metrics without leaving YouTube.


VidIQ is a powerful YouTube certification tool that provides professional-grade data and insights to help grow our audience and boost our channel's performance.

Their detailed competitive analytics allow us to analyze the competition and find opportunities.

With VidIQ, we're able to thoroughly research keywords, optimize videos for maximum discoverability, schedule uploads and effortlessly manage channels and playlists. Their suite of monetization tools ensures we capitalize on revenue opportunities.

Graphic Design Tools


Canva makes design incredibly simple and accessible for everyone - from social media graphics to presentations, videos, logos and more. Their extensive library of templates, images, fonts and design elements empower us to craft beautiful, on-brand visuals quickly.

We use Canva's drag-and-drop editor to whip up engaging content for all our channels and marketing collateral. Their team collaboration tools streamline our workflow. Plus, Canva is constantly adding new productivity-boosting features like video editing and a content planner.


Fiverr connects us with an immense global pool of top-rated freelance talent across hundreds of digital service categories like graphics, writing, programming, video editing and more.

Their freelancers' "gigs" start at just $5.

We leverage Fiverr's user-friendly platform to easily hire vetted freelancers for any creative project or task - from designing logos and social media graphics to building websites and coding apps.

Fiverr's transparent reviews help identify the perfect fit.


Envato market provides an unmatched collection of premium graphic design resources that fuel our creative projects. From vectors, icons and fonts to templates, graphics, themes and more - their downloads are endless.

Anytime we need stock images, web themes, UI kits, print templates or other high-quality design assets, Envato Market or Grapic River has us covered.

Their affordable pricing lets us buy just what we need on-demand with straightforward licensing.

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